studio KUSIKUY is a design studio based in Saarbrücken, Germany.
We design products, lighting, interior,
create new spaces and concepts,
focused on sustainability as the primary design goal
and love in every detail.

Designing shouldn’t just be to make the next big thing, it should be made with consistency between the world surrounding us and the user. All natural contexts and relationships have consequences in our environment, well-being and happiness. To be conscious about it, it’s a first step for a design process which is honest, smart and open minded.

The commitment to the principles of Design for Sustainability (DfS) is an important part of the design process and always sets the design goal. Design for Sustainability not only stands for sustainability in the product, but provides ecological, social and economic sustainability as its ultimate goal. This requires an interdisciplinary cooperation of many actors and the redesign of individual process components up to entire system contexts, depending on the degree of sustainability to be achieved.


Act so that the effect of your action are compatible with
permanece of
genuine human life.

Hans Jonas


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